Obsess About Your Website Traffic Data
The best place to start with CRO is with your website traffic.
Studying your website traffic will give you insights into where and how your visitors are using your website.
This will be critical in 2016 because cross device activity is on the rise.
For instance, if you have a low-converting landing page, and most of your visitors use a mobile device to visit your website, your CRO strategy should aim at optimizing the landing page for mobile.

Analyse Behaviour of your visitors
In 2016 you should be looking for ways optimise your website.
With the increase in availability of behaviour analysis tools this is becoming easier and more affordable.
By introducing heatmaps, scrollmaps, form analyzer and other such tools on your website, you can identify exactly where visitors are engaging or finding it difficult on your website.
Mastering this in 2016 will make it much easier for you to improve your website by identifying issues and gaining advantages over your competitors.

Cross Device Testing
No matter what you want from the internet you will be able to find it from an app or your mobile.
With the rise in mobile it is essential as a marketer that you not only A/B Test your website but you actually run the tests or specific tests across all devices.
Not convinced?
Here are three statistics to help you embrace A/B Testing across all devices.
1.Mobile apps account for 52% of all time spent on online digital media.
2.Users spend 89% of mobile time using apps.
3.42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants come from mobile apps.

Use Real-time Surveys
Whilst tools are great there is no better way than feedback directly from your visitors.
How do you do that?
Well you can implement real-time surveys.
These surveys help capture the opinion of your visitors whilst they are on the website which makes their response very reliable.
The feedback you gather can help you improve your conversion rate and user experience.
You can even go one step further by setting up triggers and segment who sees your surveys.

Make Website Personalization Your Priority

Even though “website personalization” has become quite a buzzword it is rarely implemented.
Offering personalised content to your visitors will improve their experience and ultimately, conversions. Websites that do implement personalisation have seen a 14% uplift in sales.
To run personalisation properly you will need the first few tools to build an understanding of all the types of visitors that use your website.

Marketing Automation
Today a growing number of businesses are utilising automated marketing tactics to drive their websites.
It is a cost effective method of better utilising resources available to a business but increase the interactions and messages they can deliver to a client. By setting a number of rules this can provide a great platform for automatically increasing sales and revenue from your existing data.
The popularity of automated marketing has increased because Fortune 500 companies have started to implement it.
Here are some statistics that reveal marketing automation will continue to make waves in the coming year:
1. Monthly Google searches for the term “marketing automation” have increased by 22%,
2. 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for two or more years.
3.63% of marketers plan to increase their marketing automation budget.
4.41% of marketers believe that marketing automation is very effective.
5. Companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates.
Track All Your Conversions
People believe that making a sale is the only conversion.
In reality though there are so many other steps and conversions you want your visitors to make on their journey to becoming a loyal customer.
Make sure you implement tracking for all types of actions you want your customers to take such as downloading an e-book, visiting a particular landing page and work up to the ultimate goal of making a sale.
By tracking such conversions over time, you can:
1. Optimize and create even more convincing content to improve conversions.
2. Understand the impact of each step on your ultimate goal.

Embrace New Design Trends
Studies have concluded that it takes just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion on a websites visual appeal.
Of course you want to provide your visitors with a good impression so ensure you stay up to date with design trends and what your visitors are coming to expect from your website.
An example of the latest trend is Google favouring websites who have web pages also available in mobile with a responsive design.
Ensuring you stay up to date can help you receive more traffic.

Employ Video Marketing
Interestingly video creation is growing with the increased availability of quality tools and using videos is a great way to provide your visitors with valuable, interactive, and visually appealing content.
Video marketing helps you educate your visitors about your product or service, without forcing them to read a lot of content .
The best part about video marketing is its versatility.
You can create videos for a wide range of content types: products, how-to, demos and testimonials.
The best bit is that videos are one of the highest engaging types of content and most shared so producing videos for your business can have extremely positive impacts on those vital statistics.

Custom Call to Action Buttons
I am share you have heard and read lots about call to action buttons but unfortunately a large number of marketers don’t use call to action effectively.
These are some of the errors that have been found:
1.70% of small businesses lack a call-to-action.
2.Only 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see.
3.70% of small businesses don’t display clear calls-to-action on their home pages.
Do not fall into this trap and ensure the actions you want customers to take are as optimised as possible for your visitors.
It’s important you implement the following best practices to ensure that your call-to-action will maximize your brand’s conversion rate in 2016.
Colour – An old favourite is to test CTAs with different colourse. Choose colours that make your call-to-action buttons stand out
Placement – Placement is yet another critical factor that you must consider. Try not to place your CTAs on sidebars or in the central content area and keep them above the fold where possible..
Be creative – The internet and websites are full of CTA’s so it is vital you stand out and become creative with your call to action. Go further from the standard subscribe CTA and test creative call to action text and buttons to find what works best with your audience.

So, there you go my 2016 tips for conversion rate optimisation.
I am not certain which trends will survive or become extinct but which tips did you find most valuable?
What Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies will you implement in 2016?
Let me know in the comments section below.