Win on Facebook with these 11 tips and tricks
11 data driven secrets that will improve your facebook engagement

Type of Post
As mentioned in my previous infographics the type of post you share impacts engagement. Certian types of posts can perform a lot better on average than others which means they should be vital for your Facebook strategy.
Engagement on Posts by Posts Type
One type of content that is not mentioned on the graph which performs better than all of these mentioned is questions combined with images.

Test what works best for your business and let us know in the comment section.
Type of Post
Questions 500
Image Posts 450
Videos 400
Links 200
Giveaways 180
Discounts 100

Use less than 50 characters
From a number of studies it can be concluded that the shorter and more concise your description the better the post will do. Have a look at the graph below which shows engagement decreases the longer your description becomes.
Optimal Length of Facebook Post
Engagement No. of Characters

Time of Post
Forget what a lot of articles suggest online for the best time to post. In actual fact the best time to post for the highest engagement with your posts is between 10pm and midnight of your audiences local time. It appears posting when there is less competition vying for peoples attention increases engagement with your posts. Try it and let me know if it is successful in your niche.

Use Images
One study showed that posts with images get twice as many shares as those with just text so include a photo with all your posts to help them stand out in the crowd.

If you want to take this one step further and you use Instagram then look to post pictures on Facebook via Instagram. Why? Because images posted on Facebook via Instagram receive 23% more engagement

Use what you prefer posts?
Try using brand related choice questions to create engageing questions that your audience can not help but comment on and share. Try passionate choices and emotional questions as these get the highest engagement. For example which do you prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? These type of questions are sure to get your fans talking.

Make your fans famous
Give back to your fans and involve them on your Facebook page by posting their photos and give them 10 minutes of fame.
Ask customers to share their photos with you using your product and then show your appreciation by posting and giving them a shout out.
This is great for forming bonds and relationships with your fans so they stay loyal to your business.

Post weekly pins
Not the same as Pinterest pins but businesses should look to regularly use the pin it function on Facebook.

So if you have some information you really want to promote you can pin it to stay at the top of your Facebook page for a period of time.
• Creative
• Informative
• Good Content
• Offer

Get fans off facebook
As you may have read many times over the money is in the list. Try get your Facebook fans off and onto your list. Use an incentive to try convince them to join your list and ensure you keep all your content fresh.
Use your email campaigns for targeted marketing and upselling. The results will help drive your business forward.

Don’t use Youtube Videos
As you have learnt videos are great for generating engagement on your Facebook page however there is a certain type of video that performs a lot better than the other.
Two types of Videos:
1. Embed Youtube Video
2. Directly upload Video onto Facebook
You would not think it would make a big difference but videos embedded directly not using Youtube received 579% more engagement than Youtube videos so it is important you take the time and effort to load videos directly onto Facebook for the best results.

No Hash Tags
With the rise again of Twitter and previous studies showing that the use of Hash Tags always improved engagement you would think you were right to include hastags in your posts.
However a recent study by Buzzsumo found that Facebook posts with a hashtag performed worse than posts without hashtags.
With Hashtag
Without Hashtag

Link to long articles
The optimal length of post that you should be linking to is between 1000 and 3000 words. Posts within this length get the most shares from Facebook users.
Best Length of Article to share on Facebook
Length of Article

6 Ways to Target Effectively on Facebook
Custom Audience
I believe the use of this on Facebook is the best for converting targeting traffic of all the targeting methods.
More Demographics
More demographics allow you to explore very targeted methods from single mothers to those who are divorced.
Interest targeting is a little less targeted and can be things such as the apps people use.
Behaviour targeting allows you to target people by what they do on Facebook. If you are looking to sell a product on Facebook you can target people who are more likely to purchase through Facebook.
Age, Gender, Location
This is the simplest form of targeting and is usually combined with another method of targeting. Location targeting can work well for local businesses.
You can use connection targeting for any page, app or event you are the admin of.

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